Incredible ........... incomparable .......... These leaps of success. Uploading a family legacy, blessed with agricultural prosperity of Thekkekkara Porinchu Kuriappan of Thalappilly Taluk, Renil Group is progressing forward, completing three successful decades with the excellence of generations. Older people would say that Kuriappan, who was a great landlord and a prominent farmer in Choondal, the agriculture centre of Thalappilly Taluk was a man who led a legendary life. He ws an accomplished cultivator of coconut, arecanut, and paddy.

The son of kuriappan-Rosa Couple, Joseph George had gained more remarkable achievements in his life. Even as continuing to be a prominent figure in the field of agriculture, following his father, heturned out to be a remarkable personality in political, social, cultural and educational arenas. He served for a long time as the Vice President of Thrissur District Co-operative Hospital. He has also worked as the Head master of Parannoor St Thomas U.P. School and the Manager of Choondal Joseph George U.P. School exuding light of knowledge to thousands.

All the three sons of Joseph George -Eliakkutty couple have made their presence felt in public life, as the true torchbearers of the family legacy. Among them Raphel . T. Joseph, starting Renil Group of institutions at Kecheri, has carved a niche for himself in the society.

Starting with bus service, it was in a dashing speed that Renil Auto Garage in Kecheri is developing as one of the prominent institutions in bus body building. later Raphel . T. Joseph gained remarkable achievements in gold business and hotel business. Then he ventured in to chitty business and later to real estate business also.

As he is a good art enthusiast and aficonado, he become a partner in the running of a professional drama troupe. Next start was in the field of film production and distribution, Raphel T Joseph organized the film industry for promoting those film directors who later become popular figures in the field.

His eagerness to take forward the bond of the family towards agriculture, Raphel T. Joseph won the best farmer award in block panjayat twice. Meanwhile, Chitti business is extended to Palakkad district. As the Natural continuation of entering into real estate business in Palakkad, he also started the construction and sale of flats and Villas.

Rensil, among the threee children of Raphel- Rosy couple, is given the golden mission to be the next link in this Saga of generations, through he has become a presence to reckon with in the film industry, he completed his studies in Britain and come back to take up the captain of Renil Group of Business institutions. he has proved his exceptional business skills in chitti and real estate business and spearheads in the field of chitti and realestate business, Renil Group, Over India.

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